Supporting Rwanda’s next generation of peacebuilders

Supporting Rwanda’s next generation of peacebuilders

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Our goal is to consolidate peace and inclusion in Rwandan society by enhancing citizens’ participation and ownership of reconciliation processes, policies and programmes.

Peace is as much about communities living together, side by side, and resolving their differences without resorting to violence as it is about people signing a treaty, laying down their arms and changing government policy.

That is why we have been working in Rwanda for more than 15 years, bringing people together from the grass-roots to the policy level by:

  • Improving relations between and within communities
  • Improving socioeconomic conditions for the most vulnerable population
  • Protecting the space for debate between communities and the government
  • Facilitating crossborder trade opportunities and promoting transparency in economic governance

We work with Rwandan genocide survivors, former prisoners and local partners, and address issues with deep historical roots, dealing with the impact of the genocide including trauma, social cohesion and economics.

Thanks to your support, we can continue to build Rwanda’s next generation of peacebuilders.

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Fundraising started!
Fundraising started!

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